If you own a resort or a home anywhere in the Caribbean and you are looking for a reputable pool repair service that you can trust, you are in the right place.

Somar Pools is a Miami based pool repairs, pool remodeling and pool leak detection company that has helped resorts and homeowners in the Eastern and Western Caribbean solve major pool repair problems.

Dominican Republic Pool Leak Detection

Beautiful and inviting pools are paramount to resorts in the Caribbean. Somar Pools has earned the reputation as the go-to pool repair and pool remodeling company for Caribbean resorts. Mario Ramos is a renowned pool leak detection expert and Mario is the pool contractor that you want on the job when your pool needs work.

Caribbean Pool Remodeling

If you have a pool in need of repair and you are looking for a company that serves the Caribbean, please call Somar Pools today to discuss the solution to your pool problem.