Selecting a paving material for your pool decking is an important part of your overall pool design. One of the main concerns is budget. With swimming pool decking, budget is particularly important because of the large amount of square footage that is typically involved. Options for pool decking materials include the following:

Concrete is one of the least expensive decking materials. With a little creativity, it can be a good choice. Concrete can be scored into a geometrical design and can also be stained with color. Concrete pavers can also be used. There are many types available with various color choices and patterns. Concrete pavers can be a blend of a few different colors. This blending gives a more natural appearance. Travertine pavers are another option for pool decking material. Travertine pavers are made from travertine stone that has been cut into shapes. They are similar to concrete pavers but are more expensive. Their beauty and outstanding features are striking. Another advantage is the fact that they are cool on your feet. The most expensive option for pool decking is natural stone set in mortar.

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When selecting your swimming pool decking material, it is important to remember that it is everything in the design that will make your landscape successful. The planting design, the design itself, and interesting garden features are just as important as the paving material itself.

Somar Pools has been installing pool decking for clients in Broward and Dade counties for many years. Our pool service experts are familiar with all of the available pool decking materials and help our clients choose the best material to suit their specific needs.

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