Your Miami pool will require regular maintenance to keep algae growth at bay when the weather is warm. There are three common forms of algae that are found in backyard pools and they are as follows:

Green Algae
Green algae are the most common form of algae because it grows quickly. This nuisance can be found on pool walls as well as along the surface of the water in large, floating patches. Green algae should be addressed at the first site to ensure relatively easy removal.  Severe cases can be harder to remove.
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Has your Miami pool started to smell a bit funky?

It’s not just you; having a stinky pool is a common problem.

To get your pool smelling fresh and clean again, you need to figure out why it smells in the first place. These are the three most likely reasons your pool is giving off foul fumes. … Continue reading

Swimming Pool There are some questions about swimming pool use that might draw uncomfortable looks if you bring them up with your friends. So, we’ve got the answers ready for you right here!

Is it legal to drink alcohol poolside in Miami?

Drinking is not legal on the beaches of Miami, but it’s perfectly fine to enjoy your favorite drink next to pools where it is allowed by the pool owner or management. … Continue reading

“Recreational water illnesses,” according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), are illnesses contracted from playing in water. You can pick them up from swimming in natural water sources such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

What’s even more shocking is the fact that you can catch a nasty infection from a man-made swimming pool that’s loaded with germ-killing chlorine. Yes, your very own pool that you work so hard to maintain and keep clean could be a source of disease and contagion. … Continue reading

New Swimming Pool in MiamiThere is nothing quite like the blue of a swimming pool under the Florida sun.  The sun shines out of it so brightly you need shades and an extra layer of sunscreen! It’s no secret why pools are so blue: pools are blue because the reflect the sky!  For many pool owners, the most cost-effective way to get that color is for the pool surface to be white. You could opt for a blue tint to the liner to make it a slightly different blue, or… … Continue reading

Pool Vacuum at the Bottom of Swimming Pool Miami FLWhy pay a professional pool maintenance team to dump in chlorine when your lifeguard can? Why hire professionals when you already have a janitor to skim leaves out of the pool? Why pay for professional services when your maintenance guy can simply top off the water?

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