Is your swimming pool showing the signs of its age from wear and tear or simply looking old and in need of a major pool remodel? Somar Pools has the experience to handle any pool repairs, pool renovations and pool leak detection. Somar Pools is a Miami/Ft. Lauderdale based pool company that has been flown out many times to provide quality pool contracting services to homeowners, luxury hotels and high end resorts in the Caribbean.

Jamaica Pool Leak Detection

With many vacationers traveling to the scenic Cayman Islands & Jamaica to enjoy tropical temperatures, resorts and hotels must ensure their swimming pools are in top shape and looking great. Somar Pools can provide excellent pool remodeling and pool repair services that will have your project completed quickly. Our experienced pool contractors will make your pool the oasis you need to help ensure that your guests are completely satisfied during their stay.

Georgetown Pool Remodeling

When your pool needs more than just a basic pool service, Somar Pools is the company to rely on to provide those services. Not only can Somar Pools provide expert pool repairs, but we can help prevent them too with pool leak detection. Our pool contractors utilize the latest in pool detection equipment to help ensure that a minor leak won’t turn into a major pool repair. With a proven track record of pool repairs and pool remodels in resort and hotel settings, our pool contractors will work quickly to keep your patrons happy during their visit to the Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

If you suspect there might be a problem with your pool’s functionality or you want to update the look with a pool remodel, Somar Pools can offer the high level of services you need. If you need repair, leak detection or a pool remodel, contact our Cayman Islands Pool Repair Experts at Somar Pools today so we can keep your pool in top shape year-round.