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Miami Chlorine AlternativesOne of the most common questions we come across is how to keep a pool maintained without the use of chlorine. While chlorine is a fantastic sanitizer, it can sometimes leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Not to mention it can bleach your bathing suits and clothing. Somar Pools employs a few options to drastically reduce the amount of chlorine necessary to keep a pool clean. While it is difficult to eliminate chlorine from the equation completely, as part of our pool service, we can install an ozone generator to do most of the work that the chlorine normally has to handle. Ozone is actually the best sanitizer on the planet and is widely used in commercial water parks to ensure complete sanitization. Once it is incorporated into your pool system, you will notice the chlorine level can be kept much lower than would otherwise be necessary to sanitize your pool. Ozone is the purest and most natural way to ensure the quality of your pool water. Ozone is 100% natural and can reduce your chlorine use by 60%-90%.

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Another fantastic option offered by Somar Pools is to install a chlorine generator, sometimes referred to as a "salt system". A chlorine generator works by having an electrolytic cell installed in to the plumbing, and adding salt to your pool. The chlorine generator breaks down the salt into hypochlorous acid, the effective killing agent in chlorine, often requiring fewer pool repairs. Having this system will not only save you money on costly chlorine, but because of how it is installed it actually disinfects almost every drop of water that passes by the cell. The only thing we need to do is maintain the salinity of the pool within the proper parameters as well as the other chemicals and your pool will be perfect! The added bonus of salt generated chlorine is the lack of that "chlorine smell". The salt level needed for the chlorine generation to take place is actually the same salt level as human tears, so it is not overly salty.

Maintaining Pool Water Without Chlorine

With the addition of either of these systems or both, you will help keep the plastics and paper products used to transport chemicals out of our landfills. Not to mention the fuels and energy used to create all of the chemicals necessary to maintain swimming pools. Somar Pools is proud to offer our clients chlorine alternatives that are beneficial to our customers, their families, and the earth.

If you are interested in getting more information about chlorine alternatives for your pool, please contact our Miami Chlorine Alternatives Professionals at Somar Pools today. We look forward to working with you.

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From start to finish they were prompt, every step of the way!! The quality of work is beyond what we imaged!! Thank you!!

Lauri B.

The best company I have worked with. Great service and quality of work. They did an excellent job on our pool remodel. No hidden costs, cheap materials or shadiness that you see in other companies. Somar continues to service our pool and we love knowing someone will be here on time every week and use the right chemicals. A plus!

Rebecca L.

We found our pool was loosing a lot of water and dropped 1 foot in a day. I’m a very handy DIY type of guy so my son and I spent a few hours in the pool looking for a leak using dye testing in snorkel gear. We didn't find anything that seamed to be leaking so we called Mario from Somar Pools. The pool is about 8 years old and Van Kirk Pools installed it and did a VERY bad job on the plumbing. After Van Kirk finished it, it leaked a little for a consistent full year and we finely got Van Kirk to look into it. They are a very large pool building company and they sent out their subcontractor Mario of Somar Pools. Somar found the poor craftsmanship of Van Kirk and fixed it in 1 day. So when the pool staring leaking again last week Somar is who I called. They found the leak was behind the main light. Fixed it and all is well again. Funny thing was I never talked to anyone from Somar the whole time. We text-ed back and forth and after they fixed the leak they emailed me a link to pay the bill. The cost for the repair was more then fair. THANK YOU Somar Pools and Mario and his team.

Scott A.

Mario and his team are amongst the most outstanding professionals with whom we've worked in the Miami area. We chose Mario to build our dream pool in large part due to his impressive track record, but also because of his timely responses, attention to detail, and work ethic. Simply put, Mario knows how to take an idea on paper and turn it into a reality and he makes the oftentimes daunting and complicated pool design, permitting and development process a breeze. We highly recommend Mario and his team for your pool needs and we're honored to spread our praise of his workmanship, professionalism and integrity.

Ryan F.

Somar Pools is TOTAL quality client service! Reliable, responsive, a pleasure to work with. It's like VIP service is their REGULAR thing... for ALL their clients! It's difficult to find a comprehensive pool service company like Somar -- They afford extraordinary service, from maintenance to design, troubleshooting to technical savvy, working cooperatively and fairly with you, and a pleasure to call upon. Owner Mario Ramos is a credit to this service industry and takes sincere pride in ensuring his customers are reassured and happy. Total peace-of-mind for your pool!!

Adrienne S.

After having been through more than a few other pool service companies, we consider ourselves lucky to have found Somar Pools! The other companies didn't return our calls, never came for service when they were supposed to, and had issues completing repairs in anything remotely close to a timely manner. Somar provides excellent, responsive service and their staff is very professional. I'm happy to be supporting the local, family-owned business and recommend them to anyone who is in need of pool services!

AnneMarie P.

We love Somar pools!!! Ever since we purchased our home we have been using them. Mario was great and came to inspect the pool before we purchased the home and since then Nick has been here every week on a timely basis. Never misses and our pool is always ready for us to enjoy!!! Thank you Somar pools!!

Jenya S.

Awesome work. Very knowledgeable and professional with attention to detail.

Ryan C.

The most professional contractor I've worked with South Florida!

Mark V.
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