If you’re like most pool owners, you disdain the use of chlorine in your pool. It burns and reddens your eyes, dries your skin and prematurely fades the color in your bathing suits.

Despite not wanting the dreadful drawbacks of chlorine, pools need to be sanitized to keep harmful bacteria from growing and polluting your pool, and one of the best pool sanitizers is chlorine. However, Miami pool owners have options, thanks to Somar Pools. Two of the best alternatives to chlorine are saltwater pools and ozone generators.     

A “Saltwater System” for Your Pool 

Although many believe “saltwater” is as unpleasant as chlorine, the Somar Pools system is a cross between chlorine and sea salt. It’s more like a saltwater softener that pumps salt into your plumbing to sanitize your pool, much like a home water softener operates. 

The electrolytic cell uses a generator to change the chemical structure of the chlorine to hypochlorous acid that kills the bacteria but is not harmful to you, your clothing or the ecosystem.  

Somar Pools technicians will ensure proper saline and necessary chemicals are at perfect levels to maintain your pool and reduce necessary maintenance. 

Ozone Generators  

Ozone generation for pools can be beneficial in killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites without irritating eyes and skin or bleaching your clothing. With the ozone generator, you will need to use minor levels of chlorine or bromine.

Ozone generators are the most effective sanitizers for pools everywhere. These generators are even used in commercial water parks and spas to ensure harmful bacteria and micro-organisms are whisked away. Ozone generators reduce your reliance on chlorine by up to 90 percent, and they are safe and natural sanitizing products for your Miami pool.  

Contact Somar Pools 

Either of these systems will severely reduce or eliminate the amount of chlorine in your pool. Although these systems are initially more expensive than chlorine treatments, they are more cost-effective over time. Plus, there’s no chlorine smell.  

In Miami, Florida, contact the pool service professionals at Somar Pools to discuss chlorine alternatives for your pool and get a free estimate of services.