Why a Pool Heater is Essential in Miami

When you think of Miami, the last thing that comes to mind is wintry weather. While Florida homeowners do enjoy mild weather in the winter months relative to much of the rest of the country, it’s not quite comfortable to enjoy your pool all year long. When you invest in a swimming pool, you want to get the biggest possible return. Fortunately, for those days when the outdoor temperature is just too low for comfortable swimming, pool heaters can make all the difference.

Enjoying True Year-Round Miami Swimming: Pool Heaters to the Rescue

When you’re ready to host a poolside New Year’s bash, immediately realize a quality-of-life return on a great home investment and keep your fitness routine steady all year, a pool heater is the answer. Unlike home heating and cooling systems that maintain a constant temperature all day and night, heating a pool only takes a few hours in most cases. It is possible to efficiently heat a pool in Miami, maximizing use of your outdoor living space without breaking the bank in energy costs. Turn it on when you’re ready to use your pool, and turn it off when you’re finished.

Pool Heater 101: What Miami Homeowners Should Know

No one wants to sacrifice the use of areas of their home for months on end, and your outdoor living spaces are part of your home. Closing your pool altogether or, arguably even worse, keeping it open without being able to comfortably use it, don’t have to be part of the plan. Reclaiming those winter pool parties and night swims can be as simple as installing a heating solution for your pool.
Electric, gas and even solar heating options exist to help you boost comfort without dramatically increasing energy costs. With the help of Miami pool experts, you can easily take back winter swimming once and for all.

It can be overwhelming to choose between so many heating options, especially since the most effective one will depend on so many conditions and include so many variables. Your home, your pool and your needs are as unique as you are. Fortunately, there’s a perfect option for heating your pool out there, and Somar Pools is standing by to help. Call or contact Somar Pools today to get more out of your swimming season and a better return on your investment all year long.