What’s The Matter With My Pool Pump?

One of the most frequent complaints pool technicians hear is that the pool pump is not working properly or not working at all. There can be a number of reasons that the pump is malfunctioning. When the pump is broken, the water will not be passing through the filter, making it vital to get the pump back in working order as quickly as possible. Here are some of the most common pool pump problems:

The Motor Won’t Turn On or Cuts off Immediately

Check to ensure the pump is on and getting power. The capacitor could be bad and may need to be replaced. If the pump is on, but it is losing power, it is probably overheating. Check to see that the fan is fully operational.

The Pump is Noisy

The loud noise coming from a pump can often be solved by placing it on a rubber mat to stop vibrations, clearing clogs from the impeller, or replacing bearings.

Water is Not Pulling Into the Pump

Make sure the pump baskets and skimmer are clear of debris. The impeller that moves the water through the pump may be clogged and need clearing as well. Clean the filter to restore circulation.

The Pump Is Sucking In Air

Pumps must be air tight. Check the lid and where the pipe enters the pump to locate the source of the leak. Search for cracks and leaks by using shaving cream. The leak will cause shaving cream to be drawn in and leave a noticeable area where the repair needs to take place.

The Pump is Leaking Water

Leaks can occur at the shaft seal, the discharge side, or the suction side. Properly maintenance pumps can operate efficiently for years. Pump leaks can be minimized with regular check-ups and service.

Many common pool pump problems can be diagnosed and solved at home, but some involve complicated electrical and technical repairs. If your pool pump isn’t working properly, don’t hesitate to call the team of pool pump experts at Somar Pools. We are the premier swimming pool company serving Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.