What to Do with a Backyard Pool When You Won’t Be Using It

A swimming pool is a great amenity to have in your home. But it can be a burden when it’s not in use. How should you close up or maintain your pool when you’re not around?

Closing Your Pool for a Short Time

Are you heading away for a season or taking a trip abroad? Whatever the reason, you may need to leave your pool for some weeks at a time. Ideally, you should arrange to have someone you trust to check in on and maintain your pool while you’re away.

You could even hire a pool service company in Miami to service your pool and balance the chemicals to keep it in good condition.

If having someone else care for your pool isn’t an option, then you might choose to drain it altogether. You won’t have much to worry about. Just keep the cover on your empty pool to keep out debris and wildlife.

Make sure you’re prepared to properly drain your pool and then go through all the work of refilling it once you return.

Winterizing Your Backyard Pool

Winterizing a pool can get a bit complicated, as well. Some steps aren’t necessary if you live in a place where you’re not likely to experience freezing temperatures. But you just never know how the weather can affect your pool’s sensitive plumbing.

Skip all of this work by simply calling in a reliable pool maintenance company in Miami. Somar Pools can help you with all of your backyard swimming pool needs. Call us and let us know what you want to do with your pool while you’re away. We’ll advise you on the best options for your situation.