What The Color of Your Pool Says About Its Overall Condition

The color of your pool can be a major indicator as to what is happening below the surface. Some elements and issues can change the color of your pool to musty greens, browns and grays. In Miami, a pool is as essential as an umbrella in Washington. You want to get back the sparkling clear water you intended for your aquatic oasis as soon as possible. The first step is figuring out what caused the discoloration. Let’s dive in to the different colors of pool water and what that tells you about its overall health and cleanliness.


If your pool is looking a little foggier than usual, this can be unsettling. But the good news is, it’s probably just your filter causing the cloudy water. Cleaning your filter should get the waters looking pure again. If the fogginess doesn’t clear up within a couple of days after a deep cleaning and removal of any leaves or critters, a new filter might be necessary.


Nobody wants to come outside for a dip and see a green hue over their pool water. Green water usually indicates there is a source of copper somewhere in your pool. Finding the source and removing it is going to be the safest and cleanliest option, so you can go back to swimming in safe and smoother waters.


If your pool water is looking brown, you may have a bigger issue at hand. After assuring isn’t caused by any soggy fallen leaves, the next most likely cause of a brown pool is due to iron caused by rust. If your pool is rusting, this could be dangerous for your health. We suggest you contact a professional to take a look at it before taking a swim.

Dirty Water

If your water is just not feeling as fresh or looking as clean as you’d like, consider hiring a pool company to perform weekly maintenance on your spa or pool. Pool ownership is a never-ending journey, but the rewards of a cold pool on a hot day in Miami make it all worth it. You can trust the professionals to keep your pool clean and use shock treatment to bring it back to a healthy pH level.

Somar Pools is located locally in Miami and we are here to help with any of your pool maintenance. Whether you’re a new pool owner or a long-time pool owner who needs a little extra help tending to maintenance, we are here to lend a hand through the journey. Call us or stop by today.