What is New in Pool Lighting

If you’ve been limiting your swim time to daylight hours, you’ve been missing out on half the fun of owning a pool. Yet no one wants to swim in pitch dark water. Adding a light-emitting diode or LED pool light will let you brighten up the night and have twice the fun.

Upgrading to LED pool lights in your Miami pool will also allow you to gain a few benefits you might not have otherwise considered. Taste the rainbow of options available and enjoy your swim even after the sun is down for the day.

Add colored lenses to your existing pool lights to help create special effects and ambiance. Megawatt LED underwater lights come in various color options. These can create depth inside the water, as well as create a dramatic display when set up outside the pool. You can use LED lighting strips with different flashing colors to create a line of color or floating lights for specific shades of light-up vibes.

How Does an LED Pool Light Work?

LEDs have no filament and are tiny, light-throwing semiconductors. Electrical current passes through a microchip, which illuminates the LED. They have built-in heat sinks to keep them cool, while also enhancing their brightness.

The visible light produced by a bulb is measured in lumens. The lumens affect perceived brightness, or how bright a specific light appears to the naked eye. These bright lights will illuminate your nighttime experience. What makes an LED pool light special is its higher frequency. Its light is perceived by the human eye as brighter and bluer than incandescent light.

Do not forget to add some external LED illumination as part of your pool’s landscaping. If your pool is lit like the moon, but the rest of your yard is dark, people outside might have trouble seeing where they’re going. Create balance and keep things aesthetically pleasing and safe.

LED pool lights are available in a rainbow of colors. Your midnight dip will look more inviting with a rich aquamarine color scape, but if you want to dive into purple or teal waters, it is just a click away.

The next time you think nighttime disco when peering into your pool, call the experts at Somar Pools in Miami for all your lighting needs.