What is a Salt Water Chlorinator and the Benefits?

It is a whole new level of comfort having a saltwater pool. Salts make silky smooth water that does not irritate the eyes, dry out the skin or cause your swimsuits to fade. With automated saltwater chlorine conversion systems, you can enjoy the benefits of perfectly sanitized water in your Miami pool.

A Longer Life for Your Investment

By reducing annual chlorine costs by up to 50%, salt cells increase chlorine production over their lifetime. Systems that sanitize water with salt deliver velvety smooth water that is non-irritating. Saltwater conversions with continuous chlorine injection make it easier than ever to create the ultimate saltwater pool.

Chlorinators for saltwater and salt generators are also referred to as saltwater chlorinators and salt chlorinators. Since these generators are so environmentally friendly, they are easy on the eyes and skin, and there are fewer pool chemicals necessary to maintain them. However, salt chlorinators do not make pools chlorine-free. For your Miami pool to remain sanitary, free of bacteria and algae-free, chlorine generators dissolve salts that create chlorine.

A saltwater chlorinator provides so many benefits, including eliminating the need to buy, store and handle chlorine products. You’ll also have a much more enjoyable swimming experience than you would in a chlorinated pool.

Better for the Environment and Better for You

There is less redness in the eyes due to a softer formulation in the water. This formula is gentler on sensitive skin such as eczema or psoriasis. Natural salt does not harm your body or the environment like other harmful chemicals.

Maintenance is less expensive in general. The cost of a pool chlorinator might seem high up front, but since you only have to add salt once a year, pool chlorinators end up being more affordable in the long run.

Every electronic device has a lifespan and salt chlorinators are no different. Additionally, they do require some maintenance from time to time. Eventually, they may need to be replaced. Salt chlorinators can last three to seven years. Generally, salt chlorinators that cost more last longer. You can extend the life of your salt generator by using the right salt and maintaining it properly.

Think of the experts at Somar Pools in Miami if you are considering the benefits of a salt chlorinator system. They can upgrade your system in no time.