Upgrading Your Miami Pool

Since the COVID lockdowns, home swimming pools have increased home values in warmer areas like Miami. However, a swimming pool in your Miami yard necessitates some smart financial decisions. One smart move is to keep your pool in optimal condition. If your swimming pool is an older model, here are four upgrades that can help improve its value.

Four Top Miami Pool Upgrades

Variable Speed Pump

Energy-efficient technology tops the list for upgrading your Miami pool. Pool pumps are often the second largest energy consumers after heating and air conditioning.

You can reasonably expect a 40-80% increase in energy efficiency by replacing an outdated pump. The wide range is determined by the filter system variables. Maximum benefits can be achieved by using larger PVC piping, larger filter cartridges, and other ways of making the plumbing system as unrestricted as feasible to ease the work the pump needs to do.

Miami Chlorine Alternatives

Traditional chlorine is fine for keeping your pool clean. However, an ozone generator is a new way of doing things. This system reduces the need for chlorine while keeping your water clean. In fact, ozone is the best sanitizer on the planet. It also limits the need for special shampoos to remove chlorine from hair and damage to swimsuits.

Gas Pool Heater

A gas pool heater is fast. You will need a gas heater if you plan to add a spa next to your pool. A heater is also vital if you plan on using your pool regularly, for even Miami gets the occasional chill.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

The easiest and most effective way of cleaning your pool is using a robotic cleaner. They benefit your pool cleaning by collecting debris in a fine mesh filter bag or a cartridge inside the filter, which bypasses the filter itself.

Upgrading your Miami Home

Some but not all pool equipment upgrades can help you save money month after month. Some pool upgrades can improve your Miami home’s value. It is important that you check out your Miami options.

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