Upgrade Your Existing Pool Area in Miami

There are several ways to upgrade your pool area, including your patio, landscaping and the pool. Whether your goal is to increase the value of your property or you simply want to add to the beauty, luxury or size of your entertaining spaces, you have several options.

Update Your Pool Structure

Your pool’s outdated look could be the first thing you want to tackle when creating more luxury in your outdoor patio spaces. There are many features in and around your pool that can be refreshed. Here are a few ideas:

  • Enlarge or alter the pool shape – Enlarge the perimeter of your pool while adjusting it to a more stylish shape. Pay attention to how the shape might compliment the surrounding architecture and landscaping. This could include adding infinity edges or other built-in features.
  • Water features – Fountains, waterwalls and waterfalls are easily added directly into the pool or to the side. They add calming sound ambiance and luxury.
  • Hardscaping – Adding new decking, built-in stone features, seating, grills, fireplaces and planters can create that resort feel. Make sure what you add can stand up to bad weather and lots of sunshine.
  • Landscaping – Palms, rubber trees, and other Caribbean indigenous ornamental plants and grasses always complement pools and surrounding features.
  • Lighting and Sound – Hanging or installed lighting can not only create a festive atmosphere but also a modern and sophisticated touch. Use it to highlight your outdoor living spaces, water features, landscaping and the pool itself. Installing a weatherproof surround sound system can add just the right touch to a carefree night of fun for your friends and family.
  • Spa and cabanas – Your new hot tub can be connected to the edge of your pool for easy access from swimming or in a separate location just outside the back of the home or near cabanas.

Somar Pools LLC professionals can make sure the upgrades to your Miami area pool and outdoor entertainment areas are expertly designed and built according to your lifestyle and budget goals for use all year long. Call us or go online for a free consultation today!