Adding a unique hardscape to your backyard Miami pool deck, such as polished concrete, tiles, natural aggregates or natural stone, can take your pool from dull to dramatic. Do you want extravagant colors, textures or patterns? Whatever you can imagine for your pool deck, the professionals at Somar Pools in Miami can deliver it.

Polished Concrete

This inexpensive alternative to stone, tile and pavers is what’s trending in the pool deck industry. People want their pool to say something; many want their logo pattern for a startup or initials stamped into the polished concrete.

Yet, you may worry that polished concrete will be too slippery for a pool deck. Put your mind at ease. Polished concrete, just as tiles, can have a slip-resistant surface and look stunning at a much lower price than tiles, pavers or natural stones. But with concrete, we can create the same textures and patterns as any of those other materials.


Pool pavers are highly resistant to wear and tear. Plus, pavers are inherently safer due to their construction. Concrete, stone or brick are the preferred pavers used around Miami these days. These materials stand up to and weather the effects of chlorinated water or saltwater.

Plus, pool pavers give you a wide variety of colors and textures for your pool deck. When safety is paramount to you, decide on pavers for your pool deck. You’ll have fewer concerns with your children running and playing around the pool.


The variety of styles, finishes and sizes for pool tiles permit you to create unique shapes and patterns for your pool deck. Tile can also replicate glass, stone, concrete or wood that will give your pool the design you desire.

Natural Stone

Although marble, granite, quartz and travertine are more expensive than other design tools for pool decks, they provide an elegance few other materials can. They’ll likely last for the life of your pool. Plus, travertine, white quartz and marble are naturally heat resistant, so your pool deck will be cooler for you and your guests.

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