If you have children or pets, pool safety is an essential consideration. It is impossible to watch little ones all the time, as any parent can attest. So, if you have a pool on your Miami property, installing safety features makes sense.

Ideally, keeping kids and pets out of the pool when there is no supervision is the best policy. In practice, you may find this difficult when doors are left open during the hotter months. For peace of mind, homeowners should take measures to prevent poolside accidents and injuries.

Gated Fencing

The most effective way to keep kids and pets safe around the pool is by denying unauthorized entry to the area. Gated fencing that is securely locked when the pool is off-limits will restrict access to the poolside.

Make sure to choose gated fencing that is high enough to prevent kids climbing over. A locking mechanism for the gate is also an essential feature. When the poolside is locked down, it also serves as a teaching opportunity. Kids who are old enough will learn that there are limitations to accessing potentially dangerous areas.

Pool Alarms

Another feature that is popular with parents and pet owners is the pool alarm. These devices use different types of technology, such as weight and sonar, to identify when anyone is in the water. You will receive an alert or hear an alarm if kids or pets manage to get into the pool without supervision.

There are pros and cons associated with every type of pool alarm, so make sure to discuss your needs with your pool maintenance company. Keep in mind that you will need an instant alert for smaller children who can’t yet swim.

Poolside Cameras

Poolside cameras can relay realtime video of your pool and poolside. In conjunction with a pool alarm, cameras are a useful way to monitor the area from your home. You can even connect the stream to portable devices like laptops and cell phones.

If you are concerned about your poolside safety in Miami, reach out to Somar Pools for advice and installation services.