Those 4 Questions About Swimming Pools That You’re Embarrassed to Ask

There are some questions about swimming pool use that might draw uncomfortable looks if you bring them up with your friends. So, we’ve got the answers ready for you right here!

Is it legal to drink alcohol poolside in Miami?

Drinking is not legal on the beaches of Miami, but it’s perfectly fine to enjoy your favorite drink next to pools where it is allowed by the pool owner or management.

Drinking and swimming don’t always mix, however. There should always be someone sober who can supervise swimming pool activities at your home, especially if children are swimming.

What if I don’t know anything about taking care of a swimming pool?

Having a swimming pool is a big responsibility so it’s good to be familiar with the basics of pool care. But you don’t have to become an expert—that’s why we’re here to help!

Will swimming pool chemicals remove a fake tan?

It would definitely be embarrassing if bright orange streaks dripping down your body announced to the world that your summer glow isn’t natural.

Give your tanning solution several hours to absorb into your skin before you go swimming and you should be just fine. Take frequent breaks from swimming to check your tan, if you’re worried.

Is it possible to detect pee in a swimming pool?

You’re asking for your toddler, right? Of course you are.

It is, unfortunately, very easy to get away with peeing in a pool. But since urine reacts with chlorine to create caustic and irritating odors, it’s best if your kids (and you) use the bathroom, instead.

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