Think You Have a Pool Leak? Why You Need to Call in the Pros

A leak in your pool needs to be fixed right away. But it also needs to be fixed the right way.

Here’s why you should contact a professional Miami pool repair service as soon as possible if you suspect a leak in your pool.

The leak could be where you can’t see it.

The leak could be in the plumbing around your pool and there’s no way you could find and fix it without tearing up the floor around your pool. A professional pool repair service like Somar Pools has equipment that lets us listen for leaks in the plumbing under cement pool decking.

DIY repairs might only last a short while.

You could patch a pool leak yourself but there’s no guarantee it will last. Let the professionals fix your pool leak using the right materials and professional equipment. This will ensure a repair that will let you get many more years of use out of your pool.

Identifying a leak in your swimming pool can be costly and time-consuming.

It can take a long time for you to even notice that you’re losing more water than usual through a leak. Once you catch on, it can take still more time to figure out where the water is going.

Calling in a professional pool maintenance and repair team to identify leaks in your pool will save you time and money and spare you the headache.

For professional inground pool leak detection and repair in Miami, remember Somar Pools. Our decades of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers are testaments to the quality of our pool repair skills. Call us today to make an appointment with us!