The Top 4 Best Chlorine Alternatives

Chlorine burns eyes, stings skin, discolors hair and clothing, and just smells bad.

While you do need to have some chemical agents in pool water to keep it hygienic, you want to keep the chlorine to a limit.

So here are some of the best ways to keep your pool clean without adding chlorine chemicals.

Ozone Generator

You’ll still need to use some chlorine with this system, but it can reduce your overall chemical usage by as much as 90%. Ozone is a natural way to purify your pool water. The cleaner the water, the less work there is for chlorine to do. Lower chlorine usage means you won’t have to deal with that unpleasant smell.

Chlorine Generator

It’s possible to install a machine that actually creates a natural form of chlorine. When the water is purified by passing through salt cells, the chlorine element destroys contaminants without adding a chemical smell to the water. A chlorine generator for a saltwater pool is a great investment since it cuts down on the cost of what you’d otherwise spend on chemicals.

Mineral System

This floating chemical and mineral dispenser both soften and cleanse the pool water. This option requires a lot of chlorine at the start to activate it, but it is a low-maintenance method and good for inhibiting algae growth.


Bromine costs more than chlorine, but it’s more stable meaning that it works better for longer. It’s also far more gentle on the eyes and skin. The only drawback is that it’s not stable in sunlight, so this makes it ideal for indoor pools.

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