The Right Stone for Your Miami Pool Deck

When the weather reaches the hot Miami summer temperatures, you will be so glad that you have a pool. Gathering on the pool deck for entertaining and relaxation during the hot months can be wonderful. Your hosting will be so much easier if you have safe and ample pool decking.

Pool decking is the area surrounding the pool that gives access around the pool and space to entertain. It is the ideal place for a bar and bar stools, lounge chairs and other things that enhance the pool experience. The most popular option for pool decking is concrete. Other options include wood, pavers and composite materials. Stone is a versatile option that, although pricier, creates elegant decks.


Travertine is a very popular natural stone for pool decks. Durable and naturally porous, it remains cool on hot sunny days. It offers a slip-resistant surface and a tolerance for extreme weather conditions. There is gold, ivory and several shades of brown. There are three finishes to add to your choices: tumbled, honed or polished. Travertine is the least costly option for stone decking.


Flat slabs of natural pavers provide homeowners with many durable design options. Flagstone comes primarily in earthy colors. The natural texture lends itself to being slip-resistant. It is also resistant to moisture and heat. Flagstone has a high density that makes it very easy to maintain.


Limestone is durable with a timeless appearance. It is especially beautiful next to the water. It is available in a wide variety of warm earthy colors including blue and pink. Limestone is easily cut, lending itself to pool decks of any shape.


Sandstone has grains of quartz crystal that sparkles and lends itself to more dramatic pool designs. Colors are limited to a light brown and various reds.


Granite is a hard stone with a huge range of colors and patterns to choose from. It is water-resistant and has a natural shine. Granite is suitable for either a simple or sophisticated design.

Highlight Your Miami Pool

Any of these choices can be used to create your ideal pool deck and highlight your Miami pool. Somar Pools has the skills and experience to guide you through the process of planning a pool deck perfect for both lounging by the pool and entertaining on the deck. Contact us today for more information.