Quality of Life Miami Pool Upgrades to Consider

Owning a pool is supposed to bring enjoyment to your life, not stress. Still, navigating all the intricacies of pool care can sometimes feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Fortunately, there are a variety of quality of life features you can integrate into a Miami pool upgrade project.

Minimizing the Work and Maximizing the Fun of Your Miami Pool

Cleaning, water testing, leak prevention and other routine maintenance tasks can take all the fun out of pool ownership. If it feels like you spend more time maintaining your pool than you do enjoying it, then it may be time to consider some pool upgrades designed to take the stress out of maintenance.

One of the best quality of life improvements you can implement is a robotic pool cleaner. Instead of spending an entire afternoon vacuuming the bottom of a debris-laden pool, you can essentially set it and forget it with a robotic pool cleaning system.

Robotic pool cleaners truly shine when they’re part of a total pool automation system. Revolutionary technology allows you to control your pool or spa straight from your phone or tablet. Set a schedule that integrates everything from chemical balancing and cleaning to outdoor lighting and electronic devices and monitor it all from the convenience of a device app.

Want to spend even more of the year enjoying the bliss of your stress-free pool? Take the edge off chilly water during the cooler season with a heater, so you never have to skip an evening swim because the water is too cold.

Bringing Back the Fun with Miami Pool Upgrades

Whether you’re designing a new pool installation or looking to upgrade an existing outdoor oasis, it is relatively easy to integrate these almost life-changing upgrades. They can even pay for themselves in the long run due to how energy-efficient automated systems are and how precisely chemical balance is maintained. Less waste of products and energy means more money in your pocket, while also freeing up more time out of every day.

From fully automating the maintenance process to providing the best options for chlorine alternatives, Somar Pools specializes in making the experience of Miami pool ownership fun and exciting. This is the perfect time of year to move forward with improvements that are sure to change the way you view owning and maintaining your pool. Call or contact us today to learn more about all the ways you can create a stress-relieving oasis in your own backyard.