Protect Your Community’s Health and Rights with Fair Rules for Swimming Pool Use

If you oversee a Miami swimming pool that’s intended for public, guest, or community use, then you want to create a safe environment for the swimmers and protect your pool.

It’s your responsibility to set rules for the use of your pool and for how swimmers are expected to conduct themselves.

What kind of rules should you establish? Here are a few guidelines that may help.

Avoid Bias in Your Swimming Pool Rules

You can establish a dress code for your pool in order to protect the water quality and pool plumbing, reduce the risk of infection, or to create a more family-friendly environment. Just make sure that the rules apply to everyone. For example, don’t outlaw thong bikinis on women; just say thongs are not acceptable. The same goes for T-shirts, diapers, and other clothing items that you don’t want in or around your pool.

Enforce Rules Consistently with No Exceptions

If you make exceptions for some of your pool rules, patrons will be more likely to break other rules. You can also put yourself at risk of allegations of discrimination. Make sure that all staff working in the swimming pool facility are familiar with the rules and enforce them fairly.

Explain the Reasons for Your Swimming Pool Rules

When your Miami swimming pool patrons understand how the pool protect them and enhance their swimming experience, they’ll be more willing to comply. List logical and simple reasons behind your rules in a place where patrons can view them.

Swimming pool rules will help you avoid a potential lawsuit and keep your pool clean and attractive. For more tips on proper pool care in Miami, contact our team.