Prepare Your Pool For Heavy Rainfall

While the occasional Miami rainfall won’t compromise the integrity of your backyard and pool, a heavy rainstorm will. If the forecast says that there’s an impending storm coming, then there are some things you can do to prepare your pool and outdoor area.

Store What You Can Indoors

Gather up anything that can get damaged in the storm that isn’t tied down.  For example, you may want to collect pool toys, patio furniture and cushions, grills and smokers, potted plants, decorative landscaping items, and whatever pool maintenance equipment you can easily move.

Disconnect All Electrical and Gas Lines to Your Pool

Don’t run your pump during a storm, power it down ahead of time and be sure that it’s not connected to a timer that’ll kick it back on. Take the time and be extra careful to ensure that you shut off all gas lines properly.

Prepare the Pool Water

Balance the water prior to the rainstorm and you could even add in a little algaecide. Doing so will make easier work of balancing your water after the storm.

Water Level

While your pool should have an overflow that’s designed to drain excess water, before a huge downpour you may choose to remove as much as a foot of water yourself.

Professional Pool Services

If you would like someone to show you exactly what to do before a storm and prefer to have a great team that can get you back up and running quickly, then call Somar Pools of Miami.  We specialize in pools and spas of all kinds and are readily available to assist you.