Pool Leak Detection

When you choose to have a pool put in your back yard or you purposefully buy a house with a pool, you want to protect your investment. What many people do not know is that it is almost certain that your pool will leak at some point. Even a small crack in your pool’s walls or floor can allow massive amounts of water to escape – costing you a good deal of money and taking the enjoyment out of your pool.

Accurate pool leak detection is important so that you can have the leak repaired quickly. Somar Pools knows that the key to accurate detection is the use of the latest technology for pinpointing the exact spots where leaks are occurring. Technology gives our leak detection specialists much needed assistance in finding swimming pool leaks. While there are other DIY tests that you can do, these tests rarely provide accurate information or the ability to detect where your leak has occurred.

One of the most common places for leaks to occur is around areas where cement is in direct contact with plastic or metal. Areas such as light niches, main drains, the skimmer, and return fittings are often the first places that you should check if you suspect your pool to have a leak. When our detection specialists come out to your property, we will analyze the pool level via a computerized water level measuring device. This device is truly remarkable as it can tell in just a few minutes how much your pool is leaking. Please do not let some other company talk you into performing the “bucket test” that is so elementary and inaccurate that it cannot be taken seriously. You need an accurate reading based off of the latest technology to give you the information you need for how to repair and protect your investment.

If you suspect that your pool is losing water more than normal or more than you think it should, please contact Somar Pools today. Our Miami Pool Leak Detection Professionals have the knowledge, skills, and tools you need for an accurate answer. We look forward to working with you.