Your pool is an accessible gym right in the luxury of your own home. This functioning gym means you can incorporate more into your cardio swimming routine. Water weights, weight resistance and aqua aerobics are just a few ways to maintain and add muscle strength as well.  Playing water sports makes your workout feel more like pleasure than effort. You can trust the expertise of Somar Pools in Miami to construct a new, inviting pool or service your existing one.

Water Volleyball

Water volleyball has become a favorite for pool owners. Just by adding nets over your backyard lagoon, you can enjoy this game with your family and friends.


This is a fun sport for all ages that you can enjoy at your home. Whether you have a springboard or a platform, diving is one pastime that kids and adults can indulge in. Once you get your form down, you can incorporate bouncing off the board while perfecting several different dives.

Water Polo

Like soccer, but in the water, you pass the ball to the other players in your team and make a goal. The water polo ball has a secure grip so it doesn’t slip out of your hands. To up the cardio gains, play entirely in the deep end by treading water. You can play this sport with many participants divided into teams, a goalkeeper and someone to keep score.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is an enjoyable way of getting some cardiovascular exercise. Blast those tunes and start running or dancing. Incorporating water weights and jumping helps to increase results. Underwater kickboxing is another great additive to strengthen your core region.

If you are thinking of getting the maximum benefits from one or more of these water sports, you first need a pool in your Miami home. Call the experts at Somar Pools. If you already have one, engage in these fun games and enjoy quality time with your family.