Your Pool Doesn’t Have to Be Blue!

There is nothing quite like the blue of a swimming pool under the Florida sun.  The sun shines out of it so brightly you need shades and an extra layer of sunscreen! It’s no secret why pools are so blue: pools are blue because the reflect the sky!  For many pool owners, the most cost-effective way to get that color is for the pool surface to be white. You could opt for a blue tint to the liner to make it a slightly different blue, or…

You Can Change the Color Completely

Somar Pools of Miami offers many options when building your pool, taking it from ordinary aqua to extraordinary aqua! Some of the premium finishes we offer include:

Glass Tile: Reflects and refracts light so the water shimmers and sparkles under the sun.

Ceramic Tile: It can be used to lay a mosaic pattern in your pool or even designed to make it appear that fish or dolphins swim there!

Marble: With a smooth texture underfoot, marble allows you to transform your pool from a standard aquamarine to silky, luxuriously dark water.

Pebble: Pebbles provide a more natural look, especially when combined with the right landscaping and lighting. Somar Pools can help you create a backyard oasis!

Diamond Brite: Also known as a quartz finish, Diamond Brite not only provides a remarkable depth of color to your pool, but is also friendly to feet and bathing suits.

Call the Experts

At Somar Pools we specialize in creating exquisite pool experiences.  Call our Miami offices for a consult on how to transform your pool!