Pool Automation Lets You Enjoy Your Miami Pool More

Owning and maintaining a pool used to be complicated. This discourages many Miami pool buyers. However, times have changed thanks to technological advances — in this case, pool automation solutions.

Pool automation lets you program and control your Miami pool and spa with a tablet or smartphone. You can adjust the settings to a schedule and leave your pool maintenance on autopilot. Spending less time, money and energy on your pool and spa means more time enjoying it!

What Can Miami Pool Automation Control?

Pool automation systems use cutting-edge technology to connect your pool and other backyard components to your electronic devices, allowing you to monitor and control features like temperature, jets, pool and landscape lighting, waterfalls and pump run time from wherever you are, anytime. You can have the temperature cool when you are at work to save money on your electric bill, then turn the heat up when you are ready to go home and enjoy an evening swim.

Pool Automation Can be Integrated into an Existing Miami Pool

Any pool, regardless of age or water treatment, can have an automated pool system. You do not need to renovate your pool to install pool automation software and enjoy 100% quality water control and convenience.

Miami Pool Automation Makes Your Pool Safer

PH levels and sanitization monitoring are key pool automation benefits because those features ensure high-quality pool water. In addition, a chemical automation system will help keep your pool’s chemicals balanced, adding disinfectants and pH adjustments as needed. This makes a safer Miami pool with lower chemical and repair expenses.

Your Miami Pool Will be More Sustainable

Wasted electricity and water hurt the environment. Installing a variable-speed pump operated by a remote ensures you do not waste water or electricity.

An Automated System Alerts You of Problems That Need Fixing

If your Miami pool has a problem, having an automated system will make it easier to repair. The pool technician will be able to identify the problem immediately and have it resolved in no time.

If the problem is electrical, the technician can turn the cameras on and detect the problem without even coming to your home. They will debug the issue through the application remotely.
In addition, pool automation allows you to receive warnings or alarms on your phone, preventing long-term harm.

Somar Pools Installs Miami Pool Automation Solutions

Jandy offers a new control panel for pool automation, the most advanced controller in years. Somar Pools can install and service this user-friendly software for you to make owning a pool and backyard more fun. Contact us for more information about this and other Miami pool automation solutions.