Planning for a New Pool

If you are thinking of beating the Miami heat next summer with a new swimming pool, now is the time to start asking yourself what kind of pool you want. It is important to really understand why you want a pool in order to determine the type of pool you wish to install in your backyard. Is your pool strictly for cooling off, or will you be using it for entertaining purposes, will it be used for exercise or therapy – or all of the above? Knowing how you will use your pool will give you and your pool company a better idea of how to achieve your goals.

These days, there are many different options when it comes to pool design: shape, type, lots of grass around the pool, lots of concrete or pavers around the pool, a spa area, a space for entertaining that is not too close to the pool’s edge. There are many options to consider! There is also the size of your property to think about. For those with a large backyard, your options are greater than those who have a smaller or oddly shaped outdoor living space.

At Somar Pools, we are a reputable, licensed pool builder that handles every aspect of your new pool construction from start to finish. We can help you create a backyard masterpiece that suits your personal style, needs, and desires. We build beautiful concrete swimming pools and spas of every shape and size: lap pools, dramatic curves, modern geometric shapes, and everything in between.

Our experts help you think through the entire pool building process before we begin any type of construction. With over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise you need to create the pool of your dreams. Our unique approach to swimming pool construction and care is unmatched. At Somar Pools, we strive to exceed your expectations with the highest standard in customer service.

If you are considering a pool for next summer, it is never too early to start planning. Contact Somar Pools today to discuss the many options available to you, so that next summer you will appreciate your investment!