Why You Need to Try Pool Automation Solutions

Pool automation means connecting basic pool machinery to a portable device, so you can control certain features of your Miami backyard pool even when you’re away.

Once you give pool automation a try, you may never want to go back!

No Longer a Slave to Your Pool

You may struggle to find time to skim your pool or remember to put in the chemicals at the right time.

If taking care of your pool doesn’t fit comfortably into your schedule, then you could use the help of a few automated processes.

Pool automation is the perfect complement to your normal pool maintenance routine. It adds a level of convenience and makes it easier to alter the ambience, as a bonus. For example, you might not be worried about installing ambient pool lighting when you can’t even remember to turn the pool pump on. But what if you could take care of both at one time with just a couple swipes on a tablet?

Automated Pool Systems in Miami

Here at Somar Pools, we’re proud to offer pool automation solutions through Jandy, the leader in pool automation technology.

Jandy will let you take care of many pool maintenance and customization settings even when you’re away from home. You can set the mood and have your pool ready for use the moment you walk through the door.

A pool automation system allows you to:

  • Adjust pool temperature
  • Turn on pumps
  • Dispense chemicals
  • Control pumps, jets, and waterfalls

Pool maintenance can be hard work. But an automation solution can put a luxurious twist on your pool duties by putting the controls right at your fingertips.

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