Miami Swimming Pool Design Trends for 2023

Like any industry, trends come and go for swimming pool design. While a traditional swimming pool is always a welcome addition to any home, there are always new ideas and designs that can make a new pool more desirable. In Fort Lauderdale and Miami, having the latest design options for your swimming pool can enhance your home’s value and improve your outdoor living space. Here are some of the pool design trends for 2023.

Clean, Simplistic Lines

Pools come in all shapes, from the old-school kidney shape to oval and rectangle options. In 2023, more homeowners are choosing clean and simple lines for pool designs versus curvy shapes. Unlike years past when many pools sprawled throughout the backyard, new pools are often square or rectangular, taking up less space and providing a more contemporary or modern appearance.


More homeowners are choosing features for their homes that offer sustainable options, including their swimming pools. This includes eco-friendly materials, as well as maintenance that uses less water, energy, and other resources. From solar-charged pool lighting to energy-efficient pumps and filtration, pool owners want sustainable pool design and equipment options.

Custom Water Depth

One of the popular trends in pool design is choosing a custom water depth. Homeowners can decide how deep they want their pool and whether it will be uniform or varies throughout the length of the pool. While some pool owners prefer deep and shallow ends to accommodate kids and adults, others want a lap pool that is uniform in depth or a pool where the middle is the deepest point.

Tanning Shelves

Even if you smother yourself in sunscreen, tanning shelves or ledges are a hot trend for swimming pool design. It is wonderful to relax in the water, keeping you cool and comfortable. Tanning ledges provide a shallow-water space to add submergible lounge chairs that everyone can enjoy. It is a great area for teens and adults to relax and stay cool, but also a wonderful and safe place for little kids.

Unique Water Hues

Changing your pool’s finish can affect the water’s color or hue. When you see new swimming pools in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, expect to see more unique shades of pool water. Choosing tan or brown can create a green hue, while beige or cream colors provide a gorgeous turquoise pool. Black finishes are becoming more popular for creating a mirror or reflective effect. Changing the finish or pool surface color can be an excellent way to update your existing pool for a more modern look.

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