Miami Pools Are (Nearly) Year Round

An advantage to living in Miami is that winters are generally pleasant. Average daytime high temperatures are in the mid-70s. Just short of an enjoyable swim, but add a pool heater and you have extended your Miami pool season.

A pool heater is not just for the northern states. They allow Miami residents to gain nearly full-year use of their backyard pool. Pool heaters allow Miami residents to swim in their backyard pools during the cooler months.

A pool heater enables you to entertain in your Miami backyard pool throughout most of the winter. With a pool heater, you can maintain an exercise regime that has minimal interruptions regarding availability. And, it will also add to the property value of your Miami home.

Affordability of a Pool Heater

With increasing energy bills and inflation, a pool heater may be a concern. Pool heaters are not like your home’s thermostat. They are not usually put on and left on at a particular temperature. Factors such as pool type, water temperature, air temperature and pool size and depth will determine how long your pool will take to heat to your optimal swimming temperature. Depending on the particular pool heater, the water in your pool can be heated to temperature in only one or two hours.

How you decide to use your pool heater will depend on your personal preferences and your energy budget. Modern pool heaters are not left on and turned down when you are not using them. They are turned on just before you use them and then shut off when you are done. Because of this, it maximizes your energy dollars.

Depending on the frequency of use, pool size and placement (sun or shade), wind and desired temperature, heating your Miami pool should cost you in the vicinity of $50 to $150 per winter month. If you factor in the cost of a gym membership that has a public pool, this will put the cost in perspective.

Increase the Comfort of Your Miami Pool

There are several types of pool heaters available, solar, gas, electric or heat pump. There are now pool heaters that can cool your Miami backyard pool in the summer months.

Somar Pools, LLC is up to date on the latest pool heater and cooling technology. They can build your Miami pool to accommodate near year-round swimming and entertaining pleasure. Get started with near full-year use of your own private pool. Call today.