Are you putting off remodeling your pool because of the cost? Before you sideline your dream landscape feature, consider working with a reputable pool installation and design company. There is always the chance that you can’t afford the exact features you want, but an experienced contractor can transform a pool within the constraints of most budgets.

Some pool remodeling companies try to sell the big ticket features – even if customers neither want nor need them. The industry as a whole does not promote these practices. Somar Pools is one example of an installation and remodeling company that embraces customer-guided design.

Explore Your Pool Design Limits

The job of the pool remodeling company is to translate your ideas into cost and installation viability. That means you are entitled to dream big. Once you have a basic framework of what you want, your contractor will crunch the numbers and provide a realistic assessment of any financial or feasibility constraints.

It is much easier to let go of features you have your heart set on when affordable alternatives are presented by a professional. At Somar Pools, we see suggested changes as a trade-off that gets you a spectacular poolside experience without breaking the bank. Where possible, we will also try to provide your dream features through redesign and sourcing materials that fit your budget.

Alternatively, you can add the features that you want incrementally. Our team can install new features according to a larger design. Whenever you have the spare cash to add further features, we can quickly and effectively upgrade your pool. Before you know it, your pool will look exactly how you had envisioned.

Call our Miami offices today if you would like an estimate on pool remodeling costs. Our team has the experience to translate your vision for the ultimate pool experience.