It Time To Remodel Your Miami Pool?

With summer just around the corner, many Miami residents will be looking forward to beating the heat in their garden pools. Your pool offers the opportunity for solo exercise and relaxation, or a chance to reconnect with friends and family. Embrace your poolside experience as the cornerstone of your social life during the hottest months of the year.

Your garden swimming pool should represent peace and tranquility in your mind. If you have noticed issues with your pool, it could instead become a source of stress, worry and ongoing expense. Somar Pools LLC recommends awareness of a number of factors that indicate your pool may be overdue for remodeling or repair.

Deterioration of the Pool Surface

Home swimming pools are commonly lined with a layer of plaster. This material is designed to be attractive, robust and long lasting. However, over time, plaster will wear away, exposing the underlying materials used to form your pool. The chemicals that are necessary for cleaning and sanitizing your pool water can cause structural damage without the protective plaster coating. To avoid costly and time consuming larger repairs, consider having your pool re-plastered.

Poor Energy Efficiency

An energy efficient pool is not only better for the environment, it can save you money with reduced utility bills. Pool technology is ever advancing toward increased sustainability. If your pool is more than ten years old, it is likely fitted with outdated and wasteful components. Somar Pools LLC can modernize your existing pool to maximize its potential.

Cracked or Damaged Pool Walls

Maintaining the structural integrity of your pool is vital to ensuring you can swim in safety. Recurring cracks in your pool walls could indicate a weak structure caused by low quality building materials. Pools will naturally deteriorate over time, so if your pool is older, it may be worth having it checked. At Somar Pools, we have years of experience in pool maintenance and can advise if your pool simply needs retiled or if there is a serious issue.

Outdated Pool Design

Many Miami residents move into their property with a pool already in place. If the design of a pool is old or not to your taste, it can reduce enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Your pool should be an oasis of calm in your life, and Somar Pools LLC can make that a reality.

Contact Somar Pools LLC in Miami today for an overhaul or update to your outdoor pool.