Is it Time to Renovate Your Miami Pool?

If your pool is older, chances are it may be time for a renovation. But what are the signs that a pool renovation is the best move? Here are some ways to know if your Miami pool is ready for a redo.

Visible Cracks
Cracking is one sure sign that your pool could use an overhaul. Cracks could signify a structural issue that could lead to significant damage if ignored. Peeling could also signify cracking, so if you see any peeling, a pool inspection is a good idea.

Uneven or Rough Surfaces
As your pool ages, the surface will begin to wear down, leaving rough and uneven surfaces. If areas of your pool feel rough when you come into contact with them, this could be a sign of an aging pool. The experts at Somar Pools can check for this type of wear and resurface your pool, giving it new life.

Plumbing Issues
Aging plumbing can lead to big problems with your pool. Cracked or clogged pipes can lead to water loss and other damage. A pool remodel gives you the opportunity to repair and replace old plumbing, protecting your pool from damage.

You Want to Increase Energy Efficiency
Older pools often contain pumps and other equipment that are not as energy efficient as you would like. Today’s pumps use up to 45% less energy than those from ten years ago, so replacing these aging parts with new ones not only saves you money, but benefits the planet.

Aesthetic Reasons
Even if your pool is functional, you may want to change the look. Changing the design of your Miami pool can give you more flexibility in the overall design of your pool area, making it a more enjoyable place to entertain on those sunny Miami weekends. It also allows you to put your personal choices into the pool design, making that morning swim even better.

Somar Pools Can Renovate Your Pool

If you are ready to change the look of your pool, or if you simply want to extend the life of your current pool, Somar Pools can help. Contact Somar Pools today to get your Miami pool renovation started.