How Much Does it Cost to Build a Backyard Pool?

Have you been thinking about installing a swimming pool behind your Miami home? Before taking the plunge (pun intended,) you want to know how much all of it is going to cost you.

Price of Pool Installation in Miami

The problem with swimming pool cost estimates is that they can vary wildly from $1,500 to $45,000. No one can give you an exact estimate unless they’re familiar with your specific situation and desired swimming pool plans.

The cost of installing a swimming pool depends on a huge number of variable factors including:

  • Materials used to build the pool
  • Water and pump system used with your pool
  • Extras, such as slides, diving boards, and waterfalls
  • Your home’s location and the soil in that area
  • The size of your dream swimming pool
  • How long you want your pool to last

It really is impossible to give a good estimate without consulting an expert!

Self-Install vs. Professional Swimming Pool Installation

Building your own backyard pool may initially cost only a fraction of the price most swimming pool companies in Miami charge. But just because it’s cheaper to install the pool yourself doesn’t mean that it will save you money in the long run.

You might end up spending more on a DIY swimming pool because of the chance that you make a costly mistake. You could have to redo the whole thing or pay for more maintenance and repair costs over the years to come.

You’ll save much more money and stress by consulting with a professional pool installation team in Miami.

Best Pool Builders in Miami!

Call Somar Pools today to get an estimate on what your swimming pool will cost. We’ll be glad to give you a close estimate based upon your unique goals.