How Long Can Your Inground Pool Last?

An in-ground pool is a gorgeous asset and enhancement to your home. It can provide your family with hours of fun and countless memories while adding to the value of your home.

But just how long should that pool last you? Here are a few aspects to consider.

Vinyl Pool Liners

You need to line your pool with a vinyl liner to make it waterproof if it isn’t covered with tile or some other watertight coating. Pool liners can be easily damaged if you use the wrong cleaning equipment or let kids play rough in the pool.

Take good care of your liner and it can last you for ten years or more.

Saltwater Corrodes Cement

A concrete pool lasts longer than vinyl-coated ones, but it also requires more maintenance.

If your in-ground pool isn’t lined, then you may have bare concrete surfaces exposed to the pool water. Add to this a saltwater system and your pool surface may need to be resurfaced sooner than every ten years, which is typical for many concrete pools.

Fiberglass In-ground Pools

A fiberglass in-ground pool goes into the prepared space in the ground in one solid piece. This kind might cost you more, but it tends to last for decades.

Swimming Pool Construction, Maintenance, and Repair in Miami

Whether you’re looking to repair your backyard in-ground pool or install one for the first time, count on Somar Pools to help you make it last as long as possible. Our seasoned team of Miami pool service professionals knows how to clean and treat every aspect of your pool so that you get the most of out of it. Contact us today.