Explore Chlorine Alternatives in Miami

Miami residents have been using chlorine to sanitize their pools for generations. Untreated water in the Miami sunshine quickly becomes a breeding ground for algae and bacteria. Your pool will become foul-smelling, murky and green, with gunk plugging the fill outlets. You also risk exposing your friends and family members to potentially life-threatening E-coli and salmonella.

What’s the Problem with Chlorine?

Given the risk of exposing loved ones to dangerous bacteria, or making your feature pool into an eyesore, it seems like a no-brainer to religiously follow a chlorine-based sanitation routine. However, many of our Miami customers have noticed downsides to chlorinated water.

As a chemical strong enough to kill microscopic organisms, even diluted chlorine causes damage to the human body. Irritation of the eyes and inflammation of the skin are common complaints following frequent or continuous swimming. Children tend to swallow pool water, and can develop gastrointestinal discomfort as a result.

Pools in Miami are not just for having fun and exercising. Many of our customers expect to use poolside parties as a chance to socialize and network. Having crystal clear water during events make your pool sparkle. Pool sanitizer bleach also discolors fabric, potentially destroying your favorite and most flattering swimming costume.

Reduce Your Reliance on Chlorine Today

Somar Pools is delighted to offer our Miami customers exciting alternatives to chlorine based sanitization. Ozone is widely used in commercial water parks, as it is extremely effective at keeping water clean and safe. Pure and completely natural, ozone will allow you to reduce your chlorine use by as much as 90%. At Somar Pools, we can incorporate an ozone generator into your existing pool system – which means you do not need to do a complete renovation.

Alternatively, rather than adding chlorine directly to your pool water, you could allow the active ingredient to generate automatically. A chlorine generator uses an electrolytic cell to break down salt in your pool water, creating hypochlorous acid. This method is extremely efficient and creates less wear-and-tear on your pool.

Somar Pools knows that Miami pool owners are environmentally conscious. Discontinuing the use of chlorine benefits you, but also helps reduce landfill waste and the carbon footprint in Miami.
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