When winter comes around it can get cold at night – even in sunny Miami. If you have a pool that you want to use all year-round, perhaps it’s time to consider a remodeling project. Spending evenings in or by the pool is worth the cost and effort, especially if you are planning on hosting guests.

Choosing the remodeling features for your Miami pool can become stressful. It is hard to visualize what a pool will look like, or how the mechanical features will work. Somar Pools provides 3D visualization when constructing or remodeling pools, allowing our clients to examine the finished product before it is built.

Pool Lighting

Once the early nights begin to appear, spending time at the poolside can become hazardous. If your pool lighting is not providing ample illumination, a new system will solve the problem. This is one of the cheapest options for improving a poolside experience.

Pool lighting can also act as an aesthetic feature. With lights that are designed to highlight the pool, poolside, waterscapes and hardscapes, you can create an outdoor getaway right in your own backyard.

Pool Heating

Cooler nights are not made for swimming, which is why Somar Pools recommends remodeling your Miami pool so that the water is warm when you need it. We can help you choose the right equipment for your specific needs from a range of specialized systems.

As part of your remodeling project, why not think about adding waterscapes such as waterfalls or steps to the pool experience? Somar Pools has extensive experience creating features that are both unique and functional in Florida.

Would you like to learn more about pool remodeling in preparation for winter? Call the specialists at Somar Pools in Miami today. We are waiting to help you make those dream changes a reality.