Does Your Miami Pool Leak?

How would you know if your Miami pool has a leak? Would you notice? Not all leaks are a massive gushing of water. It is important to notice if you have a loss of water more than the usual evaporation and use loss. Make sure to call a pool service professional like Somar Pools to ensure your leak is fixed right the first time.

The Bucket Test

The bucket test is a crude but common method of testing for a leak. It is not very accurate, however it could help you determine to pick up the phone and call a professional.

Get a bucket and fill it about two-thirds full of water. Then place it on a step of your pool. Should your pool not have steps you can tie it onto your stairs or ladder. There are only two requirements here. The bucket should not move once placed and the bottom of the bucket needs to remain flat.

Mark on the bucket the water levels both on the inside and the pool level on the outside. Wait a day then check the water levels. Should the pool mark on the outside of the bucket drop significantly, more than the drop of water level on the inside of the bucket, then you have reason to suspect a leak.

Again, this is a crude test, and we recommend you call a professional as soon as you suspect a leak.

Call in the Miami Professionals

If you even suspect you might have a pool leak, call the Miami pool professionals at Somar Pools LLC. They have very sophisticated ways of detecting and locating pool leaks. Remember it is cheaper and easier to fix a small leak than a big one. Leaks are not going to go away on their own. It is better to get good news that there is not a leak or that it is an easy fix to give you peace of mind than to wait, not knowing about your Miami pool.