If you live in and around Miami, a swimming pool is practically a must-have feature. The summers get hot around here and present the perfect opportunity to take a dip. The question is: Does your pool provide the comfort and relaxation you deserve?

Most people think of pools as round, square or rectangular. That’s it. As long as the feature is large enough for a swim, the average Miami homeowner is happy. But what if your pool better reflected what you want from outdoor living?

Forget Treading Water

One of the issues with a simple pool design is lack of relaxation. If you aren’t swimming, do you really want to spend the entire time in the pool treading water? To combat this, homeowners typically opt for a shallow pool. However, you are then faced with the problem of not being able to swim.

A better solution is designing or remodeling your pool to accommodate rest and relaxation. This can be achieved with steps or tiers where sitting is possible. You won’t need to sacrifice the ability to swim with an area of the pool dedicated to resting. Another option is a pool that slopes to create different depth levels. Both of these design elements are ideal for families with small children.

Pools as a Hardscape Feature

A pool is essentially a hardscape feature and should be viewed as such. Design your pool in such a way that it compliments and is complimented by its surroundings. The days of dull pools that stand out like a sore thumb are over. With affordable pool installation and remodeling, you can have a feature that adds value to your home.

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