Concerns about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic dominate our news and media, and travel restrictions show no sign of easement. At this time of year, we would normally think of planning our family vacation, but in these trying times, can we guarantee that international or even interstate travel will be a viable option? When we conjure up images of our perfect holiday, we imagine relaxed time with our family, sunny days by the pool and long evenings enjoying a drink and delicious food.

In beautiful Miami, we already have long sunny days and sultry evenings, so why not invest in that missing element? By installing a pool on your property, you can enjoy the best parts of a vacation without the hassle or stress of travel. Imagine your children delighting in integrated water fountains or an infinity waterfall, then later you recline in your poolside or swim up chairs to enjoy cocktails with your significant other.

Let Somar Pools LLC Help You Make Imagination a Reality

With Somar Pools LLC, this can become a reality. With over 20 years of experience in pool construction, our team uses their expertise and vision to work with you in developing and customizing a unique design for your Miami home and property. Using a full-scale 3D overview, you will be able to appreciate exactly how your design will suit your landscaping and décor. Not only does our team guide you through the aesthetic aspects of your pool design, we also consider future pool maintenance. This means you and your family can enjoy your custom pool for years to come.

Somar Pools LLC will ensure that your pool construction experience is perfect from your first contact with us to your first leisurely swim. If you want to bring the joy of vacation memories to your own backyard this summer, do not hesitate to contact our Miami offices today.