Construct a Custom Swimming Pool in Florida

A customized swimming pool gives you much more control over the poolside environment. There are a number of benefits that you don’t get from a standard rectangular pool. If you want to create a unique swimming experience for family and friends, Somar Pools can turn your vision into reality.

Family Friendly Pools

Pools that allow family members of all ages to enjoy spending time in the water may require specific design considerations. Safety is paramount for younger children who have not yet learned how to swim. You may therefore want a pool that has both shallow and deep areas.

Somar Pools is a reputable and licensed pool construction company based in Miami. We have the experience and industry knowledge to construct pools that are safe, functional and aesthetically impressive. Families deserve pools that come with all the features needed to make lasting memories. You choose your customizations and we will implement them in the construction of your new pool.

Aesthetic Customizations

As a Miami pool company, Somar Pools has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to aesthetic pool customizations. We work with a range of materials including travertine, marble and glass tiles to create the effect that you want. Our spectacular designs can also include hardscape, waterscape and landscape elements.

Aesthetics are important when it comes to pool construction. While a pool is largely a functional feature, how it looks will impact the surrounding landscape and your property in general. For homeowners who plan to eventually sell up, a beautifully designed pool can significantly improve curb appeal. For an investment in your future, consider speaking to Somar Pools in Miami today.

Call our Miami offices if you would like to discuss pool construction, remodeling or repairs. Somar Pools is a leading pool design and construction contractor in Miami, Florida.