Backyard Swimming Pool Safety

As summer draws closer, it’s time to start preparing your backyard pool.

But splashing under the sun comes with a shadow of danger. The CDC states that children ages 1-4 are at the greatest risk for drowning. Sadly, most of these tragedies occur in home swimming pools before parents’ eyes.

To ensure a fun-filled swimming season, you want to keep the environment around your pool as safe as possible, so that everyone can enjoy it!

These tips from Somar Pools will help you make poolside safety a priority for your family.

Fence-In Your Pool

A Miami home swimming pool should be fenced-in from each side, separate from your home or back porch for the most security. Install a fence that’s at least four feet high with self-latching gates that open outwards. Consider installing a lock system on the outside of the gates that small children cannot open without adult assistance.

Supervise Carefully

Even when you’re watching your kids in the pool, make sure you are really paying attention and not distracted by a movie, book, card game, etc. Drowning accidents happen quickly and without much noise.

Put Pool Toys Away When Not in Use

Small children may be tempted to wander into a pool on their own if they spot colorful toys floating in the water.

Clean and Maintain Pool Water

Unclean pool water can host dangerous pathogens that could make your family or guests sick. Clean and treat your pool water on a regular basis to keep it fresh.

Need to make a few updates to your pool to make it safer for this season? How about a new deck or chlorination system? Call Somar Pools today to find out how we can help.