5 Things to Consider When Planning to Remodel Your Swimming Pool

Has your backyard pool been showing its age this summer? Now may be a good time to start thinking about a swimming pool remodel since the summer season is about to end.

Here are some things to consider as you dream up your backyard getaway for years to come:

Harmonize with Your Home

A backyard pool is so much more than just a tub of water. You want it to complement your entire home’s style and atmosphere.

Plan Your Landscaping, Too

Having your yard dug up for a pool? Take advantage of the chance to update your landscaping to accent your swimming spot.

Decide on Extra Features and Bonus Amenities

Why stop with just a classic chlorinated pool? Why not make it a saltwater pool this time? Or how about adding an attached spa or waterfall? The possibilities are endless and now is the time to use your imagination.

Safety First

It’s fun to remodel a Miami swimming pool, but don’t overlook the safety details. No matter how beautiful your pool turns out, it will only be a liability and a danger to your family if you don’t make it safe.

Give some thought to what kind of fencing and covers you’d like to install with your pool to keep out young children.

Get Some New Ideas

As long as you have the time to dream and plan, stay open to inspiring suggestions. Do some research and ask your family and neighbors for their ideas.

Don’t try to go it alone or you may get too overwhelmed and put off the project for yet another year. By consulting with the professional team at Somar Pools, you’ll get the best insight and advice.

Call us today to start planning your pool remodel project.