4 Signs Your Pool Has a Leak

Identifying a leak in your pool is critical, since the lost water can cause significant damage to the structures around it.

How do you know if there’s a leak in your Miami swimming pool? Look for these signs…

Unusual Water Loss

It’s normal for pools to lose water through normal use. Wind and sun evaporation coupled with water loss from splashing all lower swimming pool levels.

But if you suspect that you’re having to add more water than usual, then it could be due to a leak.

A standard “bucket test” won’t guarantee the presence of a leak, but you can use it to keep track of how much water is being lost on a regular basis.

Your Water Bill Is Creeping Up

Some in-ground pools and spas have an automatic fill system. If that’s true of yours, then you may not be aware of dropping water levels. Take a look at your water bill to see whether your pool has been using more than normal.

Wet Spots in Your Lawn

Leaking pool water can saturate the ground around your pool. Keep an eye out for soggy or extra watered-looking patches of grass.

Algae Growth and/or Using More Chemicals

If your pool’s water levels are dropping quickly, then the ratio of your chlorination chemicals will drop. You’ll either find you have to add more chlorine to keep up with the fresh water you add, or your pool will be prone to growing algae from insufficient chemicals.

The surest way to detect and fix a pool leak is to call in an expert. Somar Pools has the tools and technology you need to keep your swimming pool in great shape.