The 3 Most Likely Reasons Your Swimming Pool Stinks

Has your Miami pool started to smell a bit funky?

It’s not just you; having a stinky pool is a common problem.

To get your pool smelling fresh and clean again, you need to figure out why it smells in the first place. These are the three most likely reasons your pool is giving off foul fumes.

There’s pee in your pool

Yes, that most unmentionable of all sins is the most common cause of pool odor! But not in the way you might think.

Urine mixes with chlorine in your pool to create agents called chloramines. Chloramines are what give some pools that super-strong chemical smell. You know, the one that makes your eyes burn.

So that chemically stink isn’t actually caused by pool chlorine — it’s caused by pee mixing with chlorine!

It’s not just urine, however. Sweat and oils from human skin and even fertilizer tracked in from your lawn can also contribute to the formation of chloramines.

Poor pool sanitation

Can’t remember the last time you vacuumed your pool or cleaned the filter?

A buildup of scum and bacteria or even food waste trapped in your pool’s filter system could be causing the bad smell.

Dead animals

Yup, it happens.

Check your filter to see whether a dead bird is the cause of that dead bird or rodent stench.

Now how do you get rid of the stink?

First of all, give your pool a good cleaning. Next, shock the water. Shocking it kills off smelly and harmful germs and gets rid of those eye-watering chloramines.

For more advice on pool care or to schedule a professional pool cleaning in Miami, call Somar Pools.